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Commentary: Environment 03 Apr 2005

Global Warming?

Why is the environmentalist community fixated on the title "Global Warming"? It seems we (activists) are playing into the anti-reformist's hands,
Read more... (4 comments)
Interview: Global - South Asia 31 Mar 2005

More Details on Mob Violence in Kapilvastu, Nepal

In an interview taken Sunday night, a journalist returning from Kapilvastu District provides further details and insights for WORT-FM Radio on the anti-Maoist mob killing, burning and rape in villages that began on Nepal's southern border with India on February 17. Landlord instigation, government complicity, struggle over land, religious undertones, killing of innocent villagers, cross-border gunmen, Red Army retribution, and massive flood of refugees to India are documented.
News: Peace/Antiwar 29 Mar 2005

500 Gather in Milwaukee to Protest War

500 gather in the freezing rain at O'Donnell Park Pavilion to join the Global Day of Protest on the 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq War. Organized by Peace Action Wisconsin many people spoke up and described the true cost of the war on Iraq and ended in a march led by coffin bearers. Mar 19 2005.
Read more... (1 comment)
Commentary: WORT 26 Mar 2005

Mel and Floyd, March 25, 2005

Here's Friday's show; details to follow.
News: Climate 22 Mar 2005

Global Warming Continuing ... ?

Global warming continued through the winter of 2005, with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reporting all states having at or above average temperatures from December 2004 through February 2005.

Meanwhile, the most recent scientific modeling studies conducted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado have reached the striking conclusion that, even if the world stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, the greenhouse gas emissions which have already accumulated in the atmosphere will cause global temperatures to climb for the next hundred years, and sea level to continue to rising even longer. The longer we delay in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, says the lead study author, "the worse things will get".

Alarm bells should be going off all over the U.S. - at the federal, state and local levels. Global warming has reached the crisis stage now as scientists the world over say we must reduce fossil fuel burning significantly, TODAY, or all succeeding generations will pay the price.
News: Climate 21 Mar 2005

Studies Conclude Major and Urgent Actions Needed to Confront Global Warming

Even if the world stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, the emissions which have already accumulated in the atmosphere would cause global temperatures to climb for the next hundred years, and sea level to continue to rise for even longer. Such is the prognosis given the planet Earth by two global warming studies recently completed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado.

Using the most sophisticated and newest computer models, two study teams both came to the conclusion: Earth is already committed to significant climate change, even if human activities responsible for greenhouse gas emissions ceased entirely. The longer it takes to reduce those emissions, "the worse it gets", said Gerald Meehl, one of the research study leaders.

The two reports confirm dire predictions made by earlier research. "It's additional evidence that those initial findings were sound and that we need to pay attention", said Vivien Gornitz, a sea level-rise expert at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City.
Read more... (10 comments)
News: Global - South Asia 20 Mar 2005

Nepal Government Admits Supporting Vigilantes in Kapilbastu District

The mountain kingdom of Nepal is currently facing what may be its its greatest human rights crisis in recent history. On February First of this year the King dissolved the parliament and took full control of the country, censoring the media and shutting down telephone and interne connections with the outside world. In this climae, numerous abuses of power and authority have been charged against the government, police, and Royal Nepalese Army or RNA. (This story first aired on WORT's "Third World View")
News: Peace/Antiwar 19 Mar 2005

Madison March 19th AntiWar Demonstration

Over 250 people braved snow and slush to gather outside a military recruiting station on Madison's Eastside to mark the second anniversary of the bombing of Baghdad and the beginning of the most recent war against Iraq.
Read more... (206 comments)
Commentary: Peace/Antiwar 19 Mar 2005

To Mark 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War, NPR Ignores Peace Movement in U.S.

The mainstream media's failure to report on anti-war dissent in this country contiued apace today. Yes, it's the second anniversary of our nation's imperialist attack on Iraq...and anti-war actions are happening around the country...but you wouldn't know it from listening to NPR. Here's a little note I sent to NPR's ombudsman to share my feelings about their "award-winning coverage." Perhaps you'd like to join me in expressing your outrage?:
Read more... (19 comments)
Commentary: WORT 18 Mar 2005

Mel & Floyd, March 18th, 2005

This week's show is pumped-up-on-steroids funny! Mel & Mr. Pants chime in with words of wisdom from Antonin Scalia, warnings about road salt, giant squid, the sexual gyrations of Texas cheerleaders, and much much more.

Also - outrage over the war, an appeal to target military recruiters for protest, and Paul Wolfowitz to find out if he can kill more people as Deputy Defense Secretary or head of the World Bank. Remember to BYOTP!
News: Environment 17 Mar 2005

PCB Contamination at Badger AAP

Thermal treatment of painted metal objects is the suspected source of unsafe levels of PCBs in soils at Badger Army Ammunition Plant.
Commentary: WORT 16 Mar 2005

Mel & Floyd, March 11th, 2005

Here's last Friday's show...
Read more... (7 comments)
News: Protests & Direct Action 15 Mar 2005

Over 30 Anti-war Activists Arrested at Gates of Depleted Uranium Weapons Builder

Over 30 people were arrested early Monday during a protest against Alliant Techsystems (ATK), over the military contractor's production of armor-piercing munitions known as “depleted” uranium (DU) penetrators.
News: Media - Corporate & State 11 Mar 2005

U.S. Auto Industry Launches Deceptive Ad Campaign

The Auto Alliance, the lobbyist group representing most of the major U.S. automakers, has launched a deceptive new ad campaign which claims U.S. autos manufactured today are "virtually emission-free". But what the ad doesn't tell you is that the automobiles manufactured today still emit fine particulate matter which pass into delicate lung, artery and human heart tissue, which can result in injury, illness and even death.

The Auto Alliance also doesn't tell you that the heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions emitted from their vehicles in the U.S. this year will total more than 1,300 million tons, which is more than most whole countries emit from all their sources combined.
Read more... (1 comment)
News: Local Politics 08 Mar 2005

Eugene Parks Memorial

Over 600 people gathered packed into the auditorium at Memorial High School Sunday (March 6, 2005) afternoon to remember the late community activist Eugene Parks who died last week on the final day of Black History Month.
>
News: Global - South Asia 07 Mar 2005

Nepal's Military Government Arrests Prominent South Asian Editor

Our correspondent in Kathmandu reports in an interview for WORT's Public Affair show that the editor of the regionally prominent magazine, Himal South Asia, was arrested this evening in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Read more... (4 comments)
News: Media - Independent & Community 07 Mar 2005

Amy Goodman Rallies Support for Free Speech TV in Madison

Over six hundred people attended the Amy Goodman and Free Speech TV event sponsored by WORT, WYOU, and the Madison Campaign for Free Speech on Cable TV at the Barrymore Theatre on Saturday March 5th. The Madison Campaign for Free Speech on Cable TV collected over three hundred postcards at the event in support of bringing Free Speech TV to Charter Communications Inc.'s Madison cable line-up as a fulltime channel. Audience members left charged to call Charter Communications at 1-800-581-0081 to request a fulltime Free Speech TV channel.
Read more... (9 comments)
Interview: Global - South Asia 06 Mar 2005

Nepal Correspondent on Repression and Response in Nepal

Interview with a correspondent in Nepal for WORT-FM about the current situation of repression in the countryside and upheaval within the political parties.
Read more... (3 comments)
News: Police Issues 05 Mar 2005

Ward Churchill At UW WhiteWater

Here's audio of Ward Churchill's talk at Whitewater campus of UW.
Read more... (11 comments)
Commentary: WORT 05 Mar 2005

Mel and Floyd: March 4th, 2005

Hello Minions! Its flu season on Mel and Floyd. The duo were in rare form this week with a super hilarious show. Mel & Mr. Pants take on the post office of the future, credit card debt, FCC censorship, spy suits, and a name-this-monkey contest. Also, Mel flops on a joke. Enjoy!

(Sorry for the late start! The audio file begins about 10 minutes late with Mel wrapping up some sort of a story with an, ahem, unusual punchline.)

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04/04 08:58 CDT
Hundreds of graduate students at UMass-Amherst say no contract, no peace
04/03 15:41 CDT
End of Suburbia Screening
04/02 11:45 CDT
authorities believe 20+ students involved in red lake shooting
04/01 16:02 CDT
John Nichols to speak Mon. April 18, 7:00 p.m. (2)
04/01 14:37 CDT
Alert: Minimum Wage pre-emption hearing 4/6 @ Capitol! (1)
03/31 13:45 CDT
Free the Airways: Hands-on Radio Camp in Madison (3)
03/30 10:40 CDT
FBI investigating incidents on subdomains hosted by flag.blackened.net (1)
03/30 06:40 CDT
Black Panther Bobby Seale to Visit Madison (2)
03/28 19:21 CDT
Bringing Culture Back Into Agriculture! - Invitation to Attend Family Farm Defenders annual meeting April 15-17 near Stevens Point
03/28 18:36 CDT
Taco Bell Boycott Victory Party! April 2nd 7pm. (1)
03/27 17:19 CDT
April 8: Women for Peace movie night
03/21 03:04 CDT
M19 Banner Drop Milwaukee
03/20 20:38 CDT
Report from the Iraq anti-war rally in Madison WI 3-19-05 (1)
03/20 20:11 CDT
lakeside mke protests then and now
03/19 18:48 CDT
Pictures from March 25, 2005 Antiwar Demonstration (5)
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Pics From The Milwaukee Streets (3)
03/19 17:07 CDT
Video Footage from March 19, 2005 (1)
03/19 16:09 CDT
Yum! Yum! Yum! - new local food/farm 'zine call for submissions
03/16 12:49 CDT
Pre-rally bike parade from Capitol! (1)
03/15 22:54 CDT
Jefferson Middle School PTO Follies Show
03/15 22:14 CDT
Madison Peace Rally Sat. March 19th (1)
03/15 21:14 CDT
Milwaukee Police Cancel Taser Use Pending A Full Review
03/15 17:53 CDT
Northern Wisconsin Street Medic Training (April 22 - 24) (1)
03/15 15:53 CDT
Mar 19 Army of the Dead Street Spectacle: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION! (5)
03/15 14:29 CDT
Michael Moore Documentary to go on 22 College Tour (3)
03/15 09:06 CDT
Gospel Jam Kickoff - Friday Night - God's House
03/15 01:07 CDT
2nd Anniversary of Iraqi Occupation Peace Demonstration in Minocqua,WI (4)
03/14 09:04 CDT
Film Showing Friday March 18: Cheryl Miller: Medical Marijuana Necessity (2)
03/14 08:40 CDT
UW-Madison Cruel Taser Experiments on Pigs (4)
03/12 21:23 CDT
CIW Victorious Over Taco Bell (2)
03/12 04:05 CDT
Arctic and Midwest climate change (1)
03/10 21:28 CDT
FLASH: 60 students go on hunger strike to protest tuition! (1)
03/10 12:03 CDT
Rally to Defend Free Speech
03/08 20:24 CDT
Victory Over Yum Brands. Immokalee Workers Get Their Penny!
03/08 14:07 CDT
Woods Hollow Children's Center 3rd Annual 10K/5K Prairie Run and 2 Mile Walk (2)
03/08 08:42 CDT
Sustainable Travel to Worship Month
03/06 09:34 CDT
CRITICAL MOMENT Calls for Submissions
03/05 21:58 CDT
Statewide 3-Day Hunger Strike to Rollback Tuition Begins Monday (10)
03/05 21:41 CDT
On-line Petition for Wisconsin Climate Change Legislation
03/05 14:01 CDT
March 10th: Tibetan Uprising Day Demonstration (1)
03/02 17:21 CDT
March 5th: An Evening with Amy Goodman and Free Speech TV
03/01 23:30 CDT
Iraq War Teach-In at U.W.-Eau Claire on March 13-16
03/01 18:29 CDT
UW Students for Sensible Drug Policy plan meeting, Know Your Rights event (1)
03/01 14:25 CDT
Petition to State Legislature for Wisconsin Climate Change Legislation: An Update
03/01 13:14 CDT
The Roadblock Tour
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A Minister Fights Back on Moral Values
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Hijacking the Christian Faith
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From Crisis to Crash
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